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life can be lonely with ms

Having been diagnosed 12 years ago with MS, my priorities, fears and symptoms have all changed in those years.

I used to fear not being able to walk, now I fear losing friends and loved ones that are still healthy and walk ahead, as I am reminded of my "disability". Many times, I watch as others can still do athletic things, whereas I am plagued by the heat and the exhausting symptoms that accompany the disease.

I used to fear dying with the disease, there are times now when I fear living too long with it and becoming a burden on my family.

I used to fear waking up someday not being able to walk, or see, now I see quite cleary how the past 12 years how my life has slowly changed to a life that I never planned for.

And I fear the life that I'm left with is one that I'll still be appreciated and want to be able to contribute something good to the world as a whole, and not a burden.

It leaves one feeling life can be lonely.

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