Life Changes after MS or does it?

Life was just another day of work and fun in the sun before MS or was it? Oh boy, I know that statement has risen a few eyebrows. Yes, life has changed and I’m not going to say it hasn’t because it has! I would like to share how I have focused on the good, bad and ugly in hopes it might hit home with you.

Accepting the good and the bad

We have all heard, accept the bad, move on, don’t dwell on it, take the bad with the good, and on and on. As I say “life is Good” and it is, just with a ton of MS roadblocks along the way. Life is full of challenges and how we look at those challenges shapes the results we see.

Handling the good, bad, ugly, and Yep the funny

The good bits

So, what is the good you ask? We can enjoy family, friends, go out, enjoy life. Yes, I hear you with a few roadblocks needing a bit of planning. Oh, one thing I forgot to mention was laughter from time to time, which I’ll share a little later in hopes you laugh.

Planning is a typical life event for everyone, except it takes on a little bit more thought for MSers. Most, when planning you’ll considers how much time do we need to get there, the time we will be there, and the time to get home. Fairly simple, easy math and a quick let’s go don’t forget your phone.

Oh, how I wish life with MS was so simple to dress and run as it was earlier in our life. So, what has changed one would ask. Let me give that some thought, which might take a little bit of time if I don’t forget what I was thinking about that is.

The bad bits

OK so what about the bad, and ugly

Planning a day out, a trip to a distant location, a night out to see a live performance, or a trip to the supermarket can be a planning nightmare.

I know we all have specific issues we need to deal with making a simple run to the store potentially ugly. Personally, a short trip for me requires strategic thought of “where can I find a bathroom” Yep, bladder issues which for some can’t wait and others wait forever might just turn into a mess.

Oh, what about a long plane flight, and how do I handle the bathroom issue. This one is a battle for me. My bladder issue is time, will it take five minutes, ten or twenty? Does it matter how long it takes, lets count the ways 175 passengers can use the restroom, 2, 3, or maybe 4?

OK then what do you do? Easy, very few or no fluids twenty-plus hours before the fun in the plane cabin. I hear you a lack of fluids can cause us other issues like dizziness and fatigue of which I have felt. So what to do?

I have learned through trial and error you have two opportunities. First, when the snacks and drinks are distributed. Everyone, except you, are two busy eating and drinking. A second chance is closer to the end when additional drinks are offered. It has worked well for me most of the time anyway.

These are really easy and it is much rougher for our MS Warrior friends who have guide dogs, vision issues, using a wheelchair to move around. The roadblocks they run into can be frustrating and impossible to workaround. I cannot even imagine or address what issues you all deal with and manage. Troopers you are!

Life changes, MS sanity and oh yaa laughter

A simple yesterday is now dealing with making it through the day, trying to be normal, dealing with depression, not knowing what tomorrow will bring. Remember, how we view life determines the view we see.

Even with the bad, we can make each day a special and life-changing day. Nope, don’t think I am a crazy person who hasn’t a clue as I do. I encourage you to look at the blessings you have. Rough, yes, life has changed.

I enjoy each day by viewing and taking sunset pictures, people watching and wondering what their life is like through their body language, and looking at building architecture. So much to enjoy and so little time.

Not to forget laughter which we have been blessed with. Wazzup with that, think about all we deal with which presents an opportunity to laugh. As I have heard time and time again, watch out be careful, as I respond “I was right up to the moment I ran into the wall” followed by a hello and a laugh!

Until the next time, share a laugh, lighten up, enjoy life, and know-how we view our challenges shapes our day. I chose to view the best each day, wishing everyone an amazing view, and please pass on the kindness.

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