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I was diagnosed after having a seizure September 21, 2014. By the middle of November, I had terrible vertigo and double vision in my left eye and haven't driven since. I still work full time, 50-60 hours weekly, as a general manager in a retail store and don't get any breaks from anyone. I don't talk about what wrong with me daily because complaining doesn't really help anything in the end and I want to stay happy in front of people. This is truly a very lonely disease to have. Surrounded by loved ones but absolutely alone. I work and come home. Have no social life because I have no energy for one. I was first put on Betaseron and my lesions are active and got new ones. So was then put on Tysabri. It works. I'm stable now on it. Feeling great, no relapses to speak of yet, but still fatigued working so much to make ends meets. And my body always aches since I'm always on my feet at work. I don't know how long the go, go, go will last but I'm taking advantage of it while I can. Keeping a positive outlook helps me get through every day.

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