Listen. Not hearing. Listen.

Every day someone asks me how I’m feeling. Most of the time I just say fine, thanks.

Hearing vs. listening

Face it... few really want to know, just being polite. The ones close to you sometimes don’t even ask any more because they’ll get a true answer that they’re sick of hearing about like my legs hurt or it’s hard to walk or so very tired (different from fatigue). I have to admit that even I get sick of hearing myself tell someone the same answers repetitively. However, when there are days that I feel awful and really need to talk about it, please don’t just hear what I have to say... please listen... understand, or at least try. Do the research, read about MS.

All we need most of the time

Trust me when I say that we know when you really don’t wanna hear about it and we won’t be patronized; it’s an insult. When you come to me and say you have a headache, I will do what I can to make you feel better, even if it’s just listening. You don’t have to fix us because we can’t be fixed. Listening to us is just all we need most of the time. Just L I S T E N

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