Living with MS

Last updated: May 2017

Not long ago, although it seems like an eternity, I was diagnosed with MS. It was then I started my journey down a path I wish on no one. For this is the path that was chosen for me, I'm not sure why, but we should not question only survive, right? Anyway, back to MS and my struggles. I'm not one to complain very often, this is why I like this site. It actually gives me the opportunity to "complain " about myself with out feeling guilty. For years now, 10 to be exact, I have had MS. I have pains in my back,neck, arms, and legs. My left side , (arm and leg are very weak. I have little control of either, but I have learn in order to use my hand at all I hold it close to me. I also have experienced blindness in my left eye, which was reversed somewhat with steroids each time. My mind drifts as I do not remember things or get very confused. Sometimes I slur my words or stutter. Not to mention the depression at times. I also get dizzy, pains shooting into my right side of my body and tightness in my chest. Not sure what this is, since this is a new symptom that has only been occurring for the last couple of months. Like many others on this site, my husband is my biggest supporter. He is my Rock. I don't know how I would manage without him. My older girls understand some too, but are married and out on their own. But then there is my son, who has lived with me this way for over half of his life. He really doesn't understand me or my symptoms. He thinks it is all in my mind. That I can somehow "think my symptoms away." I'm not sure just how to explain my pain and other symptoms I can experience in a blink of an eye. I'm sorry this is so long, I just needed to vent.....

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