Living appointment to appointment

This is by far the biggest challenge I have ever faced in my 45 years on Earth. More challenging than being a market maker on the Nasdaq stock market without any real order flow, more challenging than my four years at Dartmouth, more challenging than trying to get a job after college, but I rose to the occasion each time and now I find myself trying to survive with this MonSter in my body. My nerves are severely damaged by this MonSter, but I press on.

I woke up this morning gracious for another day on Earth. Prayed my rosary, carefully went downstairs and let the dog out while I started to brew the coffee. Let the dog back in, fed him his medication and poured myself a cup of joe. Then I prayed the rosary while I waited for my very ill mother to wake up (She suffers from Parkinson’s disease). Her caregiver arrived at our house 1/2 hour later to begin our day.

Para-transit came to pick me up from our house close to 10 AM to take me to Retro Fitness over a mile away. Once there, I did some light weight training, built up my arms, legs, and abs, then I was through and ready to get the bus back home.

The bus came to pick me up before noon and took me home. I am still having some difficulty figuring out how I am not gaining any weight, muscle mass or otherwise. I am paying more attention to what I’m putting in as fuel. No processed or junk foods, lots of fruits and vegetables, like a professional athlete. All with the goal of performing better than my last visit to the MS Center. How quickly I can walk the 25 feet down the hall in the office is one of the tests used to evaluate the impact of this disease on my body. In six months, I am due for another MRI of my brain to further evaluate my performance internally as well. Scoring better on these evaluations has been the goal of my life and any way I can help anyone else do the same makes me feel like I’ve done anyone else with a similar diagnosis some good. I am a font of information because I have been through so much and would like to share it with anyone in need.


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