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Isn’t it great that we have this wonderful forum to share our thoughts and feelings – many stories only MS patients will understand? Diagnosed with PPMS years ago, I have enjoyed reading some. However, lately I have started to notice that I rarely come across an article of brightness. Everyone seems to share how dark their world is; ‘There’s too much pain’; ‘people are insensitive and don’t understand’; ‘handicapped parking spot abuse’, etc. Admittedly some are more on the positive side, but I don’t even want to read the stories anymore for fear of getting depressed or angry.

Really friends, it's time. For 2017 try focusing your thoughts on the wonderful things in your life. When you start thinking about how things are bad for you, purposefully change your thoughts. Even if you can’t get paste your MS disabilities, focus your thoughts and dreams on those abilities you still have. If you can’t think anything positive, I don’t want to read it. Remember that there is always someone worse off than you. Think about that for a moment and then realize how good you have it. Think about how much more handicap accommodating our world is today than it was years ago. Maybe you have adapted some small part of your life successfully? Focus on small accomplishments and there will be more. Soon they will be life changing. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but if you constantly think about the worst parts of your MS, tomorrow will not be good for you? Sometimes I get weak and feel sorry for myself, but I forcefully change to a more positive mind-set. You can too.

OK, MS truly sucks, and its not our fault, but positive thoughts provide a better life, a better future, and even healing.

Have a Happy New Year!

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