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Living on Faith and a Positive Attitude

My name is LJ, and I was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis in December 2014. I have 16 out of the 17 symptoms of MS. It took roughly 7 years of Dr. visits treating one symptom at a time. When my right leg started giving out and I started having a dropped foot and falling, it took one neurologist to suspect MS. I was a mother involved in everything with my children, always active, I had a home based Custom Design business, walked dogs for extra income, I never stopped doing! I was 49 yrs old and ready for the second half of my life. Both my children are young adults and in their 3rd and 4th years of college. I wear a brace on my leg everyday, use a walker in my home and a cane when out. My balance is terrible, I can barely walk, I can’t write. The MS has affected the whole right side of my body. I have little control over my right hand and no control over my leg and foot. At first, I was beside myself with the reality of the diagnosis. Why me? For a while I was depressed but I decided I was not going to be that person! I was not going to let MS define me. I would grab the bull by the Horns and I would prevail. I learned everything I possibly could about MS. Once I accepted it, I owned it.

I would move forward from there. There are many things I have difficulty doing now, but I don’t let that stop me. I work within my abilities and limitations. I’m very creative and will come up with a way to get the job done.

I have always lived by Faith. I have faith in God and in myself, my family and friends. Having MS has been a humbling experience. You must maintain patience with yourself. If MS is going to be a part of my life, I know that I’m going to give it one hell of a fight and the good Lord will carry me when I’m too tired or fatigued to fight it myself!

LJ Kirk

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  • tfstf
    3 years ago

    Thank You for sharing. We are both fortunate to have a deep faith life, and no one can deny that MS is a humbling experience. We were both diagnosed with PPMS in 2014. I am older and was able to work an additional year ++. Fatigue and depression and pain are interesting teachers. I think this might be the most interesting part of my life so far, which is not to say I am liking all of it. I am trying to be open to the new pathway in my life, which has a great deal with letting go of control and trying to listen for guidance. I wish you great luck as I know you return.

  • 1qx60wg author
    3 years ago

    tfs, thank you for your support. It means so much to know that I’m not the only one with daily struggles from this disease. People don’t understand the invisible symptoms that plague us daily. I try not to look back and see all that I USED to be able to do, I just count my blessings that MS didn’t stop me when my children were growing up! I was a wonderful mother and this disease can never take that away. I look forward and challenge myself within my capabilities everyday. If I start to waiver and depression threatens, I seek solace in the Lord’s promises. I am immediately lifted and renewed in determination. I realize everyday may not be good days, I roll with the flow. We only get to go around once, so I’m going to make every minute of this life count: diseased or not.

  • DonnaFA moderator
    3 years ago

    Hi 1qx60wg, thanks for being here and sharing your story and your determination with us. We’re glad that your part of the community! -All Best, Donna ( team)

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