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Living with M.S.

I have been living with M.S. for two years now, have constant bladder infections, and vision trouble, but don’t really know when I should see my doctor?

I seem to take my M.S. more lightly than others, I don’t know why I just believe God will always take care of me and I am not afraid I guess.

But would like to know when to see the doctor?

My eye sight seems to be getting worse with flashes of light flickering on and off.

Any advise?

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  • Maribeth
    6 years ago

    You might see the doctor and let them know what is going on at least. I have eye issues and started doing therapy to work on re-balancing myself and getting the eyes to readjust. It is a slow progress but I do see changes. I still am not driving myself and still have difficult days but the therapy is worth everyday I have a somewhat good eye day. It can’t hurt to see your doctor and at least let them aware of it.

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