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Living with MS at age 56

For me with my MS I have found that exercising helps a lot.

I live in Omaha Nebraska and I am very fortunate to have a personal trainer Corey Gill. He helps me strengthen my core which is key to MS patients. It helps with my balance. On the days that I have severe fatigue Corey will give me a workout that I can do at home in the air conditioning.

I find that it really helps to have someone there to motivate me but also Corey has had 4 strokes himself so he knows the side of the fatigue and lack of energy and the weakness. It helps me to keep moving.

I also have found for me, music really helps me stay calm and focused but most importantly the key is communication with your family and your doctors. They can’t help you if you don’t let them.

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  • Sue
    6 years ago

    Hey Cindy, I too have found working with a personal trainer is awesome. Mine, Christopher Hamilton, is great dealing with me because his mom has MS! We work on core and balance, as well as flexibility and strength. If I’m tired, he’ll work on stretching with me.

    I’m a musician so I totally understand how music works for you. I use it at the gym to keep going on the cardio machine as well as at home and at rehearsal with my praise band at church. Music is like breathing to me.

    My family has been great, always understanding how important it is that I get to the gym and adjusting schedules around me.

    I’m getting ready to start Tecfidera this Sunday, which will hopefully slow down progression and NOT give me any nasty side effects.

    Best wishes to you!

  • Cindy author
    6 years ago

    I love listening to music. Especially when I am having one of my episodes. or if I am getting one of the MS HUGS that everyone loves so well. The very most important thing for me is my family and all the support I get from them. Especially on bad days which happen more and more because of the heat lately. For me it is very hard to get my mother to understand, for some reason she thinks it is a virus that goes away. I wish that is all it was. My husband is absolutely the BEST!! I had an episode a couple of weeks ago where I am losing my vision in my right eye, first surgery is scheduled for Wed. Sept. 4 th. I was so upset and he stayed so very calm. I don’t know what I would ever do without him he keeps me grounded and never loses his temper with me although there are times he could but he is the most amazing person I know, my children are always right there for me no matter what. They always call and make sure I am okay or if I need anything, they will remind me to stay out of the heat and my sisters also. My trainer Corey Gill here in Omaha is wonderful to me . He is so understanding and really works with me. There is a lot I owe to Corey for sticking with me through the good days and the bad he knows when to push me, but he also knows when to back off. Just can’t thank everyone enough. These posting also help because we get to communicate and get ides from people that are suffering from the same thing. I wish everyone the best of luck and Sue good luck with the Tecfidera please let me know how it works for you.

  • Laura Kolaczkowski
    6 years ago

    I love your observation in closing – they can’t help us unless we let them. Keep up the good work with Corey.

  • MyMSWalk
    6 years ago

    I find that exercise helps me a lot too … when I can do it. I try to force myself to at least do a little each day. I think “If I don’t use it I’m going to lose it.”

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