Living with MS...Don't give up!

I was diagnosed with MS in June of 2013. I went to my family doctor for chronic migraines that put me out of commission for days in early 2013. I left my family doctor after being told I had hereditary migraines and a sore trap muscle! Thank god I ended up loosing my vision one day followed by a massive migraine and was forced to go to the hospital because it was then I was told I needed a neurologist. A doctor who showed initiative. I figured what's the worst that could happen? I get a headache controller and that's that, on with life.

During my first visit, my neurologist ordered me to get a MRI and a EEG I didn't understand why he was so quick to determine the prognosis of a 22-year old. Most doctors I've seen don't care! A couple months went by and I had my results to my tests! White matter was shown in my MRI and my EEGs brain waves were off. Basically I wasn't functioning properly. I had no idea what this meant but I knew the white matter could possibly be scarring from my migraines and that I was in for more testing. I received a second spinal tap a couple weeks later and awaited the appointment that, little did I know it would change my life forever. The neurologist was scared to say it and I know it. He pondered and stumbled upon words trying to find the best way to tell me, finally he just said you have MS. My heart sank but I still smiled and he said this isn't a common cold you will have this for life, as if I didn't know! The words didn't affect me so much then, as they have the last couple months!

Shortly after being diagnosed I took a turn for the worst and started to loose my mind. I thought about so many horrible what ifs everyday. I hurt a lot physically but mentally this has been so draining. I have lost grasp on everything important in life. I had no job, I lost my relationship, my son started doing poorly in school, I couldn't eat. My petite 5"4 120 pound body turned into 5"4 105 pound body, I moved ten steps back when all I wanted was to restart my life for my son and I.  As months pass, I slowly realize the only way to cope with MS is to stay strong, positive, and calm or it WILL consume you. Most importantly never take for granted your friends and family, we all need support when we fall.

I hope my story makes people realize just how important it is to stay positive when living with MS. I pray for every person with MS that struggles, know that no matter what there will always be someone here for you! Ahh my hands numb :)

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