Living with MS for 14 years.

I have MS for the past 14 years. I was diagnosed May 20 1999. It was not easy I couldn't walk without a walker and do what I just normally have done as a wife, raising my 2 children and working like any person. Suddenly my life had changed completely, I couldn't do what I used to do anymore, but thanks to the therapies and Copaxone I was able to live sort of normal life again.

My children are adults now, I have 2 beautiful granddaughter that sometimes make me forget that I have MS. Unfortunately I couldn't continue with the Copaxone therapy because my HMO insurance request a ridiculous co-payment of 1,500 which I cannot afford, so I am at the mercy of my Lord, living one day at a time, sometimes my whole body ache because I have develop arthritis but other than that I feel okay. I hope one day I can go back with my MS treatment so I can continue living a fair life so I can see my grand kids grow up and graduate.

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