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Last updated: May 2013

I am new to this site and I like what I see.

I am not sure, neither are physicians when my MS started, because as a young teen, I started having seizures. They came to a halt in my twenties. I went from Dr to Dr trying to find an answer to my fatigue and muscle spasms in my legs.

After 5 neurology visits and rheumatology test. I was finally told by a neurosurgeon following open hand carpal tunnel surgery in 1987. After the MS injectables came out. I did not have very good luck, as a fast heart rate set in with me. So those, I do not take. I am to the place now. That my back is very affected..due to my gait problems.

So I don't know what it is like...to experience a "good day"..except that I try to stay with a positive attitude. I just see primary Drs now as the MS Drugs do not seem to agree with me.

From what I can determine, this is a nice site. I happened to see it on FB. Thank you. Lois

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