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Lonely and frustrating

I was diagnosed August 2008 with RRMS. Since that time I have had my ups and downs but always pushed through it. Always lived my life with 110% energy. Every day. In the beginning of June 2014 I was suddenly overcome with this very very terrible symptom of the disease called fatigue. Not knowing what was happening to me at the time I just kept pushing myself until I finally saw my neurologist and he gave how I was feeling a name. Fatigue.

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Since the end of July 2014 I have tried 3 different CNS stimulants. Nothing so far even comes close to helping with my energy level. Especially when I "crash" physically on a daily basis. I'm only on my feet a few hours a day every day. This terrible symptom is VERY challenging physically. It gets very lonely and frustrating when I MUST lay perfectly still in a comfortable setting for hours at a time while my mind is usually still operating at 100%. The hardest thing so far is trying to convince everyone that I know how I feel every minute of every day. I get tired of hearing "but you look fine". So much to say but not enough time to enter it all in using my thumb on my cell phone. So I just keep my chin up and keep fighting this every day. I have too.

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