Long Journey

Yeah, yeah... that’s everybody’s story. I was just recently, after a decade, finally diagnosed and finally had a doctor RECOGNIZE the symptoms.

I feel there is a glimmer of hope. There is no help from family who just do not get it. Tremors, spasticity, fatigue, pain in the morning... social anxiety, numb right foot, burning toes. The list goes on. I was told by many over the years to just snap out of it, etc., so I’ve learned to not even seek help.

A culmination of the worst symptoms

This past year was the culmination of the worst symptoms happening over and over and the principal where I teach noticing a limp. Kids asking about shaking hands... stuttering episodes, weak voice (my son just told me today that my voice has gotten so weak. Duh!) ...I just need an outlet to talk with others. I’ve started on CBD oil, and that has alleviated much of the tremor at times. I go for lumbar puncture again soon and whatever else they want me to try.

Withdrawing from the world

I’m just TIRED. Tired of everything. The invisible affliction. I prefer being alone... I isolate when not working and pour myself into teaching. I’m slowly moving into 100% teaching online. I feel like I am withdrawing from the world, but facing groups and the public is getting harder as I get older. I just want to FEEL BETTER.

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