Long way down!

I was diagnosed about 6 years ago, I was a healthy 40 year old male working a good job at a utility company in the metro St. Louis ares. From the time I was diagnosed it seemed to be Dr visit after Dr. visit. I had to know for sure so I had the spinal tap done. The results were my worst fear for me and my family. My wife of 26 years was my rock.

I continued to work about another 6 years on light duty doing my best to make it to a decent age to actually retire. Then someone in human relations decided I shouldn't work there anymore. I was by my peers a good asset to the company still! But this man was relentless saying if I couldn't work in the field, instead of stocking the warehouse stocking material for 5 service trucks and 3 leak trucks let alone every thing main crews wanted, I thought just like others I was doing a great job.

To make a long story short I was told that if I could not work on a main crew or service truck I should move on. So basically pushed into a disability retirement. I was fine for about 2 months the a deep depression started in. It seems to me every symptom is greater with a script. I currently take an anti-depressant, a 100mg patch,neurotic, and Xanax. I went on my Nuerologist suggestion and seen a shrink. He ask me one ? Then wanted to write more scripts. That lasted 3 months and I never went back. He never ask about my life, feelings,family nothing. So much much for the couch and talking about problems.

I found out a couple months ago that they filled my old job at work. Guess what the guy that's working the same job as I had for 5-6 years has, you guessed it M.S.

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