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Last updated: March 2013

Dr say I most likely had it way back from childhood. But was official diagnosis Aug 2010 after a car wreck.

Back in 1983 I had Optic neuritis. I had just started a career in Optical. The Optometrist I was working for couldn't find anything wrong. My Mother told me I need to see the Ophthalmologists my brother had gone to. He said it was the disease that patient can't see nor can the doctor. He ask if anyone been sick in family or me. My niece had Spinal Manginess. And I had symptoms similar. I had gone to hospital and they sent me home say it was just a virus and they couldn't do anything for me.

Bet they have egg on there face,lol. His reasoning was that I had contracted Spinal Manginess and serve it. He put me on preds. Said if I had waited another day my retina would have detracted and I would have gone blind in my right eye. For a year I couldn't see anything out that eye. My sight slowly came back. And my story goes on and on if ya want to hear more

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