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Subclinical MS

My husband has been having many symptoms of MS, the chronic fatigue, muscle weakness, dizziness, met by shrugs of the shoulder from local doctors, but when the double vision came, he sought answers from a neurologist at Mayo Clinic.

After four days of tests, he received the diagnosis of “subclinical MS”. I have been searching for more information on this type of MS and been unsuccessful so far. Do you have any information about this topic that you could share with us?

Thank you,

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  • Lisa Emrich moderator
    6 years ago

    Hi Doris,
    As you have probably been reading, it can be challenging to get an accurate diagnosis. There is no single diagnostic test which can determine MS. It could be that the neurologist is calling this “subclinical MS” because lesions are present, but that perhaps clinical evidence (from neurologic exam) of MS is not noted at this time.

    Your husband may be experiencing symptoms of MS, but perhaps the neurologist didn’t detect any abnormalities in muscle strength, coordination, or sensations. Lesions can be found on MRI without obvious causing obvious symptoms.

    What did the neurologist suggest that your husband do if/when he experiences new or worsening symptoms?

    Some other causes of lesions include migraines, vasculitis, and simply getting older.


  • Kip1769
    6 years ago

    from what I can tell it sounds like subclinical means there are lesions similar to MS lesions that may be a result of something else other than MS. Has he has a spinal puncture. I understand that iss the only true test to show MS. find out if it is MS or what is actually causing the lesions. lesions could present as a result or a number of causes. But, obviously, you need to delve in more and find out WHY the lesions are there. I am new to all this myself, my husband was just diagnosed last month and I am researching all I can to support and help. Best of luck!

  • Doris author
    6 years ago

    Thank you for your input. He did NOT have a spinal tap, but the lesions were clear on the brain scan. This is something we should pursue. What are the other causes of lesions, did you run across any information? Keep on with your suport, that is the best you can do for your husband.

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