Loss of family

After being diagnosed with this horrible disease I feel very isolated. I'm at the point where I may be sitting on the sofa in terrible pain crying. Many times my husband walks by and never even looks my way. One morning I tripped over the laundry basket fell right on my nose, blood flew everywhere I was called a cults. He said you better get to the doctor. He left for work I had to drive to the doctors. Blood everywhere. I was in pain but more pain due to lack of support. My heart will be broken for ever. It's so sad.

My mum had MS, and I always gave her comfort. She never seemed to be depressed like me, but I truly believe it was because she had love from her two children. I have four kids and I have called mine a couple of times just reaching out for help. They knew I did not feel good and they distanced themselves.

How do you get through this? I usually am by myself with my dogs - that's where I get my support. I really do hate my life and I wonder what will hurt tomorrow.

This is my story but I bet this is also a lot of your stories.
Carol a

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