Love Light!!!

I believe pain represents life or more appropriately where there is life there is pain as only death can bring pain free life. Yet the daily battle of pain in multiple sclerosis can neither be termed as life, as it's scientifically lowers the life quality, and nor a death by pain as the patient reclaims his life after every staunch fight moment to moment in this disease until he dies. Well, what I call this pain is "a blessing in disguise". Death is an ultimate reality and by no means we all have to die with or without MS, so it's difficult but better to accept the hard reality so you may take steps timely. Reality and spirituality are interlinked in many ways. Once reality is accepted then comes the possibilities. To rationalizations those possibilities, one must think never forget the ultimate truth of disease that's it's still not completely curable. It's very hard to swallow the fact, that's where spiritual values can be interlinked to avoid every moment hopelessness. I believe in "to heal and you will be healed", of course with prescribed treatment of my RRMS, that I have for the last 6 years. I can very well relate to feelings and pain of all members and non members yet MS survivors, I must call, as we are one family. We can have biological limitations but we have limitless spiritual arenas. As WHO definition of health includes psychological well being an essential part of health, so, it has a link with our mental peace. To empathize, doing little things for ailing, inquiring health of the patients on beds besides you at hospital, visiting chronic illness patients and greeting them, joining voluntary works, and many more are some of the tasks that will bring hopes in your life. And lastly but not the least do thank your Lord who has made your condition at least better than millions of people languishing in horrible deadly illnesses including ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), too.

Love light!!!!

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