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I’m a lucky woman. Lucky in so many ways.

Yes, I have MS and have for many years. In retrospect, I’ve probably had it for at least 35 years.

But, I don’t have cancer or ALS, or many other fatal diseases.

And, I’m lucky as far as my MS goes. I’m still able to do most of the activities I want to do. I do walk with a slight limp, and at a much slower pace than most people. When I walk up or down stairs, I have to do so with concerted effort, and to the left for balance issues. I can’t wear high heels anymore. But, most of my effects are the unseen, untalked about issues that people don’t discuss in public, even we health care workers.

Yes, I’m a lucky woman, but many of my fellow MS sufferers are not.

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  • Rhea D Becker
    6 years ago

    I FEEL VERY LUCKY 2. I feel truly blessed that I was diagnosed when I was because 6 days later I ended up in the ER paralyzed from the neck down and could barely talk. I was determined to change the situation so for the next 12 hrs I talked to God and focused on 1 part of my body at a time to get it to move. I was blessed to recover from that episode but have been left w/unwanted symptoms that won’t go away. It’s as if a switch was flipped and my life was changed in every facet of it. Still struggling w/the diagnosis but my body reminds me that it’s there. Recently tested “false positive” 4 Lyme Disease. Now I have 2 c a specialist for another test for Lyme Disease. Oh the joys…lol. At the end of the day I feel blessed 2b me. I have started to get myself healthy so I can better manage my symptoms. Hoping that gives me better quality of life. MS has forced me 2 slow down and practice extreme self care. I feel that EVERYTHING happens 4 a reason. 🙂

  • Ann
    6 years ago

    So Happy to see your post! I have had MS since 1981…been on Avonex for over 12yrs. It has kept me stable. I feel so Fortunate! Had a few minor issues…but doing well. I have great Dr.’s. The most important thing that they have told me is to stay Positive and do what I know I can and not to feel bad when there are somethings I can’t. Stay Strong!!!

  • Barbara
    6 years ago

    LUCKY–oh so happy to see your post. I too am a lucky woman. First attack 1977, diagnosis 1993, meds 1998, cane 2004, divorce after 34 years 2005, secondary progressive dx 2006.
    NOT in a wheelchair, Able to do modified exercise, made new friends, got involved in community.
    Yes, I’m lucky. my case is relatively mild and I still “do” You are right, many MS people do suffer and I can not know their pain– the recognition is important.

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