My M.S.

I would like to know a few things if somebody can help me. I have been on the infusions for 4 months. I'm not getting far worse...I had a seizure while driving with my teenage children in backseat asleep. Because we had traveled an hour away to my daughter's boyfriend basketball game...I drove through bankhead forest...which is really winding roads...uphill and down hill...I remember thinking on the way. I will be so glad to get out of this forest...I so dreaded driving back for some reason...can't place it in my to why...But I did, not thinking my m.s. could throw me into a seizure...I didn't know...Luckily we made it through the forest...but we didn't make it daughter woke up. She is 17...jumped into foot was pressed on the gas. I had my hands on the steering wheel. So I was told...I was foaming at the eyes rolled back in my head...and stiff as a board...I woke up in an ambulance throwing up...confused...I didn't know what head was hurting...and I guess I had urinated all over...This was so daughter saved us...she took control of the steering at about 70 miles an hour...I had accelerated from my foot...from leaning over the back seat she controlled the car...she finally throwed the car in reverse...we did a couple of tail spins...drivers side took down a sign...and we ended up on the side of the road...but off the road...I have no doubt we had angels. I am not allowed to drive for three now I'm scared to drive...I don't want to hurt anyone. I need help, I've quit taking one drug I was on, cause it was new to me. I usually drive everywhere and try to function as much as I can...This has really done me in...I'm confused about my future. And what this nasty beast holds for me...I posted this cause it can happen. But nobody told me...maybe we can help each other. Anybody else had seizures? Thanks to you all.

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