M.S., my evil partner

Years ago I got epilepsy out of the blue and it took me a while to learn how to make decisions on my own proper! I got a brain operation and it did start to make me feel more comfortable, and normal! And then, BANG! M.S. Showed up out of the blue! This is a very long battle that seems to only get harder & harder! Some days I wake feeling 100%, then an hour later I can't talk properly, (I sound drunk), and walk like it as well! Other days I can't even walk, so it's a long nap day, the only good part of those days are I can't remember them the next day!!! I can't have my favorite foods/beverages, so I literally had to learn how to live life all over again! The worst part, for myself is by law in Canada I'm not allowed to have job? So they stick you on disability, paying you squat to live, since I cannot walk 1/2 the time you think they would help you out in some way? But no, they leave you alone trying to live on! Sorry for rambling, I just had to somewhere!!! As I'm sure some of the people on this site can understand!!!!!!??????!!!!!

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