Thrown Away...

I was xxx on July 6, 2001. My first child was to have his 1st bday in a few weeks from the day I awoke to an invisible black eye... omg did my eye hurt. There was no logical reason for the pain and slight hindered vision. Ignoring it thinking it may have been me in my sleep fighting nightmares... so I made an apt with an eye doctor. Wow, the rest is of no consequence.

I have lost so much due to MS

My son went to live with father about 3 years later. I didn't understand what I was reading. It was scary to wake up and feel like something was missing from inside me... part of me was gone... and downhill I went......... emotionally broken ....... I still to this day get called fake or lazy like I'm making it up..... I get lost in my head... no sense of time or placement on the planet... I have lost so much due to MS... Except My spirit, it remains mine.

I've faced my MS battle alone

I have gone through this battle with MS basically alone without a shoulder to lean on. They all threw me away... my mother, sister, husband, and eventually my only child. All that are around me are strangers. Everywhere I look, strangers... no one familiar. To be lost is one thing but to be lost among strangers is worse. Yet I fight, still, it's all I know this suffering and survival on my own along with my maker smiling upon my heart for it is of his light, his love, his grace, and his strength, and his spirit. Am I not of him as he is then I shall let him shine through me ..that's all I know anymore... his light...

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