Matt's Story with MS

Hi my name is Matthew. I was born in Michigan. I have a nickname up their and it is Mutty down in lower Michigan. It's Mattie so thats the nickname I use. I found out I had MS in 2001 it was relapsing remitting. It was painful my nerves hurt bad, but I could still work my job.

Then got a job down in Virginia. I was helping build a ship for Northtup Grumman. I helped build CVN 78 for the military. I truly liked the job but got laid off. While I was still there, my MS changed to SPMS. I had to find out how to keep on going so I could live my independent lifestyle.

So, I now do a exercise with 5 to 10 pound rubber band weights. Keep the muscles moving. My neurologist says if you don't move it, you are going to lose it. So I exercise everyday safely. I also eat a lot healthier now. I take my prescription meds and my OTC vitamins and meds for helping my body fight against my SPMS to do my best to slow the progression down. I try to keep using my muscles that I use all the time. I don't want to lose my ability to be independent.

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