Medical marijuana

Long story short... I'm 55 and I've had RRMS most of my adult life - I was told multiple times I did not have MS! On July 31 2012 I had what appeared to be a stroke - I couldn't speak normal words! Much fuss and debate in the ER finally lead to my true diagnosis of secondary progressive.

Fast forward-- over the past two years I've tried every recommended therapy to no avail and continue to decline. I suffer pain often and oxycodone is all that helps. I'm a RN and I hate the withdrawal periods, or being altered daily.

Medical marijuana is legal in CT now, I moved here to live out my life after loosing my home.
I met with my doctor yesterday for my monthly medication refills, and informed him that I have been approved for my MMP Card. I have informed him all along that this was my plan to ward off increasing need for narcotics. He then told me if I use Cannibis he can no longer give me oxycodone!

I'm so very tired of fighting to have quality of life. And I can't live with the kind of pain I suffer frequently. I'm palliative at this point. Help!

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