I woke up in the hospital and didn't know where I was. Then I read this note and it said: "You have been here for 3 days." There was no date, no signature no anything.

A good laugh

Then my mom walked in (she lives in SF Calif), and I said omg I must be dying. So in short I said, I thought I have been kidnapped, and she said OMG, so I gave her the note, and she reads it and then says, "Well hell, at least he could have signed it". And we did kind of have a good laugh.

Horrible short term memory loss

So then I get the medical news from my neuro. In closing, I still have horrible short term memory loss, but I keep a daily journal. But my job was held for a year, but the doctor said there was no way I could return and I was just devastated.

But I just tell myself, I have MS, but MS does not have me, and I get on with my day.

Thank you,
Cindy Haas

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