Emmy’s Story

Last updated: February 2019

Almost 40 years ago, after my last child, I had vision that was like looking through a tunnel with fuzzy edges. I thought it was due to my emergency c-section and the anesthesia. I realized later that it probably had something to do with having chicken pox while pregnant.

Memory loss

Then I would have other symptoms. Hands that would not work and would seem to fold up on themselves. Legs that would become rubber, balance problems, but the scariest thing that I have ever had happen was complete memory loss while in a store. My husband was waiting in the car. I got outside and did not know what to do, where the car was parked. I only remember my husband. I stood by the door and felt like crying. And then I looked up and he was in the car right in front of me. I now know what an Alzheimer Person must feel like. My husband said if it ever happened again, to stand at the door and he will find me.

Strange triggers

I also wanted to tell you that strange things would sometimes set off an episode. Riding in a car on a sunny day and the sun would flicker through the trees. All that flashing was horrible. I now find if I rest more, I have less episodes. But I am still active on a bowling league. Use your muscles as much as you can.

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