Mike's Story

I've had secondary MS for 15 years and the paths of communication between brain and left side, arm, leg, have become more and more impeded, and for many years I stood by and watched. There were so many things I couldn't do. So I didn't try. The disability was coming for me. Things got more complicated, because when you don't use muscles, they atrophy. So I began playing table tennis as a standing player (instead of seated) and found out that disuse and disability cause un-Usability. So when I told my coach that I couldn't do certain things, she would direct me to the table, and proceed to train and drill me on the very things I claimed that I couldn't do. This happens every time that I claim inability. She (my coach) will not accept it. I am now building muscle in my left leg, and discovering that disuse terribly compounds disability. I am very happy to discover my legs' abilities!

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