Mike's MS story

I was on vacation with my wife and young daughter when I woke up and couldn't see straight. I was still in college and we had decided to go back home to Arkansas for a visit. My wife took me to the emergency room and they started tests. After the longest day in the E.R. and still not being able to see I meet a neurologist and he told me the scariest news. "I believe you have M.S."

That was in 1987. I have had several different attacks since then. The big one was in 2001 when my left leg just quit working. I gave up trying to walk and started using a wheelchair. I still work part time because the owner of the liquor store where I have worked since I moved back to Arkansas in 1988 was good enough to find a desk where I can get to and do the computer work.

I was having a lot of trouble with bladder infections over the years until I started taking cranberry extract. I take a thousand milligrams twice daily. Seems like a lot but it is cheaper and less painful than an infection.

I have read several people say that they are more than just M.S. and this is how I feel but it's not easy.

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