I was always moving around. Taking care of my family and friends. This time I needed to be taking care of.  It all started in March 2012.  I was a caregiver for my aunt and grandson.  Making sure the food is cooked,clean the house, and taking care of a lil boy who's mom was doing drugs and alcohol when she was pregnant.

I felt like I was have a stroke or something.  My aunt advised me to go to the ER right away.The next thing I know,I was admitted to the hospital. I had x-rays and MRI done.  But no one could tell me what it is.  Then the doctor ordered the brain wave test so now I've been having seizures.  For 2 years,I've been taking Keppra 500mgs.  I still was complaining of headaches, tremors, and could not sleep at all. I finally found another doctor and he gave me an referral to Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston,SC. The doctors are the BEST!

I had an appointment on October 19,2013. I was diagnosed with optic neuritis and diabetes.  The doctors wasn't sure that I have MS.I went back to see the neurologist.  Then it was confirmed that I have MS. This is very scary for me.  It was like my life was over and now I don't know what to think. I also suffer from depression,too.

The moral of this story is get a second opinion! I did!

Thank you!

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