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I was always moving around. Taking care of my family and friends. This time I needed to be taking care of.  It all started in March 2012.  I was a caregiver for my aunt and grandson.  Making sure the food is cooked,clean the house, and taking care of a lil boy who’s mom was doing drugs and alcohol when she was pregnant.

I felt like I was have a stroke or something.  My aunt advised me to go to the ER right away.The next thing I know,I was admitted to the hospital. I had x-rays and MRI done.  But no one could tell me what it is.  Then the doctor ordered the brain wave test so now I’ve been having seizures.  For 2 years,I’ve been taking Keppra 500mgs.  I still was complaining of headaches, tremors, and could not sleep at all. I finally found another doctor and he gave me an referral to Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston,SC. The doctors are the BEST!

I had an appointment on October 19,2013. I was diagnosed with optic neuritis and diabetes.  The doctors wasn’t sure that I have MS.I went back to see the neurologist.  Then it was confirmed that I have MS. This is very scary for me.  It was like my life was over and now I don’t know what to think. I also suffer from depression,too.

The moral of this story is get a second opinion! I did!

Thank you!

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  • Kim Dolce moderator
    6 years ago


    I’m sorry that you got a double whammy of diabetes and MS. But good for you that you advocated for yourself and sought out other doctors who investigated further and gave you the answers. So many of us go a long time before the MS is diagnosed, and we get either misdiagnosed or have other medical conditions besides MS that can cause a delay in the diagnosis.

    Knowing what we’re dealing with is some sort of relief in the short run. And although there are uncertain times ahead for us all, online MS communities go a long way in providing support and information.

    I’m glad you told your story, a lot of people will appreciate it and feel not so alone. Be well.


  • Elaine J
    6 years ago

    Hi Queenie,
    I’m English & live in UK. Your story sounds very like mine. I too at first thought I had had a stroke & was eventually dxed with MS & I used to get relapses etc etc BUT 9 years ago I started on B12 injections which have totally transformed my life. I have not had a relapse since starting these & am almost back to normal!

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