How do you MISS MS on an MRI?

I am a 46 year old man, and have been diagnosed for 2 years this month. I went to a neurologist for about 7 years with severe migraines that went throughout my entire body. Now the part that angers me, this neuro insisted that I had only the pain medicine I was taking, GOODY powders, to blame for my condition. He called it Analgesic Rebound headaches and from here, he never veered from this, even with an abnormal MRI with demyelination issues. I was in a position where I would miss weeks of work because of my condition, even while not taking OTCs for pain.

Finally in 2011, I was slammed with the episode that got me diagnosed. I should say that I was relieved to know what was wrong, but terrified at the future. I have many issues because of the damage done, but the worst thing might be the loss of me, meaning who I was in the past. I try to stay strong for my family but have found myself falling further into depression. I have problems with sight, gait, strength, pain, and appetite, but I "look fine". I am beginning to feel useless, but my wife keeps me straight.

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