Mommy Needs a Ritalin

You know, the ‘kid medication’ for those with ADHD. You see, what any college kid in the middle of finals week knows is that while Ritalin helps those who are hyper-active to calm down, it has the opposite effect on those who are not hyper-active. It provides an energy boost AND the level of focus. Or so I have heard… The generic name is methylphenidate mind you…

Most moms or really most people could use a boost mid-day. Someone with MS needs MORE than just a boost when fatigue sets in. This boost is how coffee companies, 5-hour energy types, etc make oodles of money. My boost of preference is a nap. A daily nap around 2pm is heaven-on-earth. It is also a pipedream most days. Between work, home stuff (not really cleaning mind you-keeping babies fed/bathed/napped) , 2 babies in diapers, 2 dogs, breastfeeding, pumping…naps usually fall off the list.

I know all of the natural ways to boost energy. Even with a toddler and infant, I get a full night’s sleep most nights (THANK the Good LORD the baby is a great sleeper now). Most days I even get a workout in or at least some gentle stretching. I do throw some non-natural caffeine in for good measure: a full-caffeine cup each morning and a half-decaf cup in the afternoon. Yet, without a nap, somewhere midday, I hit the wall. The wall or ‘zone’ of hearing what people are saying to me but not processing a word of it. When I am in the zone in the evening after my husband gets home, it’s his favorite thing-just ask.

This is where Ritalin comes in. My sister also has MS and swears by the stuff; usually only takes ¼ or ½ tab. Early in my MS journey, when I finally had a reason for my fatigue, I tried a different stimulant-type med but did not do well on it. Headaches plagued me and I stopped. I also got pregnant the first time so could not be on anything for fatigue. I’m ready to try something new but not until I am done breastfeeding which I have not put a timeline on. A 5 month old with Ritalin in her system would not be a good thing! Watch for an updated post sometime later this fall or winter for ‘Mommy On Ritalin….’ It will likely have more words than this post!

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