More than just Vertigo

Last August I had what I thought was a virus. I was dizzy for over 10 days, my memory was off and felt very foggy. The turning point for me was when my speech began to slur.

I went to the emergency department of my local hospital. I sat and waited for 5 hours, only to be given pills for vertigo. This was on a Friday. By Monday I was feeling worse my vision had blurred and the pills I was given were making me worse. I stopped at my Optometrist on my way to work and she took me right away I had Optic Neuritis.

She preformed all kinds of test and then referred me to an Ophthalmologist. I was told I would be called with an appointment. I was... I had to go in the following day and that is when was told I was a textbook case for MS. She had asked me if I had any numbness or tingling on my extremities and I said yes, I have had a numb arm and tingling fingers for over a year. I had been to a Neurologist and was told I was fine, it was just repetitive motion stress. She took down his name and was going to send him a letter with her finding and let him know he screwed up.

I was then referred to the MS clinic and put on a 6 month waiting list. I called and called till I got an appointment then did the same for my MRI. I was diagnosed within a month and was on my Copaxone injections by November. I went gluten free and began taking vitamin D 4000UI a day, Omega 3 3000UI a day , Calcium and Magnesium. I have been for my 6 month checkup and was told to keep up what I am doing cause I am staying steady.

I am on Modifinil for fatigue, and my Copaxone. I feel fine and haven't missed a day of work since. I always get the "You look good, are you sure you have MS?" or "Wow, what are you going to do with your store now?"

I even was asked "Do you get a handicap parking pass?" people are so ignorant about MS.

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