Hello, I am married I have 2 great children and 4 even better grandkids!! I have been in the fight of my life since year 2000 when I was told I had MS. My husband and I didn't believe it because it was a Doctor that we felt had no idea what he was talking about because at the time he was working with me and my bladder.

Well, to jump ahead to 2005 I was working and feel I had the best job ever. I was backup to the accountant and purchaser for a large steel fab company! In Colorado I started getting bad. Had a lot of trouble with working or even being able to get into work. I had the Best Boss ever he was great and worked with me for years and let me work. I got so bad and he knew it and could see it but I didn't know that he could also see it. The doctors pulled me out of work and that was a fight all in its self. But it because I went untreated for 12 years I am bad, but should or could be a lot worse than I am!

I have also for some reason have and list of other diseases that I have contracted. Just a few to give you an idea what I am dealing with every day. Lyme's Disease, Lupus, Prothrombin 20210A Mutation, Gastroparesis Disease, Diverticlitis, Migraines, (MVP & MR thats heart stuff) Vasulitis in the brain. I will stop there don't want to bore you. But I have to try very hard to start each day with my devotion and Prayer!!

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