MS... A Life Sentence :(

I started having symptoms in 2009. I was still working and life was good. My symptoms started slowly but progressed rapidly and by January 2010 I had to quit my job and apply for SSD.

I had been seeing doctors and interns at a medical clinic run by a major hospital. The final diagnosis was a pinched nerve in my lower spine. I knew it was something more, so when my insurance kicked in I made an appointment with a neurologist and was diagnosed April 2011. I am tough and don't cry about this damn disease, but I wouldn't wish this on anyone. I have to say that it really annoys me when others with MS act like its all sunshine and lollipops. I can't fathom saying I love my MS.

I know everyone has different symptoms and outlooks but come on. I'm guessing this person has very minor symptoms. The only thing I have refused to give up to MS is my dog. I used to enjoy many different activities and a hobby or two, but in I have gone from being able to walk normally in 2009 to needing a walker by Fall 2011.

Please don't diminish this disease by saying I Love MY MS.

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