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Last updated: June 2015

As we all know, a lot of things can be associated with our MS. However, the opposite is true as well.

Months ago, I started experiencing vertigo. I at first thought it could be my MS and let my neurologist know so we could monitor. They told me it might not be which I thought could be the case too as I had ear problems as a child. Thankfully it is mild but still disconcerting.

Recently it had gotten worse so I scheduled an appointment with my general practitioner, who was very booked as she had just returned from maternity leave. I felt pain one day with the vertigo so went to a walk in clinic where I felt the doctor, not the nursing staff, had decided it was my MS once heard I had that and didn't do much looking, but advised me to get an appointment with them. This was April and I had an appointment in June anyways but they didn't think it was soon enough. I tried asking about an ENT but was rebuffed on that.

My neuro is great and I saw her Friday that week. Looking at everything she felt it was my ears as well and I apologize as I felt the doctor had dumped me on her. She looked at me and said "you're mine to own." Which made me love her even more as my neuro. She agreed though that it appeared to be something with my ears but there was no infection and since it was mild just to see how it goes and keep my appointment with my GP.

My GP agreed when I saw her that this most likely not my MS. She tried steroids but it didn't clear up the fluid issues and with that she had me see an allergist and an ENT. I am still waiting for the ENT, but found out I have no allergies, which was good as we thought I had.

There are a of couple things I want you take away from this; if you think it is MS related, let your neuro know and keep track of symptoms; don't think everything is MS related as something else important could be missed; and go with your instincts. You aren't a doctor, but you are the one living in your body, listen to it. Also make sure you have a good neuro that you enjoy and takes good care of you as you might get "pushed off" on them sometimes by doctors who don't want to go over the other possibilities first. Keep a log and your neuro informed in case it could be MS related.

I hope this reads well as I wrote this on my phone on the bus and that you can take away some advice from this.

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