MS? I can't even spell it!

Back around 2005, I was inspecting a apartment building (I am a Property Manager) and noticed that I was walking crooked--almost like I was drunk. I thought "Oh, it probably time to eat and continued on. Well, the walking didn't get any better even after I ate.

After seeing my Doctor, he scheduled me with an eye, ears and throat Dr. After a series of tests, I saw a neurologist and my condition was later (about 6 mos. to a year) determined that I had MS.

I didn't even know what MS was. I thought I'll take some drugs and it will go away. As I learned more about the disease, I found out that this was incurable and that there were 4 stages of the disease. I guess I'm fortunate that I have the first stage RRMS.

I was married and learned that because of MS my sexuality and my emotions changed. I initially thought "oh, I'm just getting older" and discounted that thought I was concerned about my wife and decided to go to an MS Dr. who explained to my wife that MS changes a person both emotionally and sexually. Not only is marriage difficult without MS, now I have to add MS into the marriage.

I just recently switch from Avonex to Tecfidera, so far, so good. I did notice (in the past year) my right side of my body is weak. Especially my right leg. I'm not as bad as Kurt Russell in "Escape from New York" but I do notice a change in my walking.

I just hope the "mad scientists" come up with a cure.

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