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Last updated: September 2019

Hi, I don't have much of a story to tell; was officially diagnosed in 2015, a year later from my first MS attack that took me to the ER thinking I had a stroke. The ER docs couldn't really explain the numbing on my face, so referred me to a neurologist.

MS was a suspicion

After having the MRI, it was assumed I suffered a mild stroke. Went on my merry way beginning a baby aspirin regimen, until I had another MS attack that left my face numb and inside the right side of my mouth (and this was right before we left on our week and a half vacation), so off to the neurologist I went. It was then that MS was a suspicion not only because of the numbness but other symptoms I was experiencing – constant fatigue, unbalanced, forgetful. I was then scheduled to have a spinal tap after my vacation, that was the determining factor to see if I did indeed have MS.

Symptoms and medication

Well, after the spinal was done (the spinal headache from that was the worst experience I've ever had...never again...I hope). So yes, my official diagnosis came a year later. I really think I've had this for some time, because when I read the symptoms of MS and after a long discussion with the neurologist, it explained so many things I had experienced before and was experiencing still and I'm just thinking, oh it's nothing. I'm now on my medication, but I do have a question; do the symptoms go away after taking the medication or do they still linger? I know it's been 4 yrs but I'm still learning about my condition.

Hard for others to understand my condition

I've read quite a few blogs on this site and I must say that they explain a lot of how I feel, even down to explaining to others about my condition. It's definitely hard to explain to others how I feel and I think, too, it's because my MS is mild, so to say, others see me as walking (they don't know that after a certain amount of distance, it starts to take more effort to walk), talking, laughing, just having a good time. I didn't think I was supposed to look miserable and sad all the time. It's not me... I'm very outgoing and even though fatigue is the number one symptom that I experience, I still try to push myself (which I'm sure is not a good thing - oh...and also diagnosed with ADHD). So, when others see that, it's hard for them to believe I'm struggling on the inside, with muscle spasms, joint pain, brain fog (which makes me look dumb to people, I'm sure).

Still trying to come to grips with my condition

I joined this site because I know there are others like me going through the same thing and perhaps I can learn from the experience of others. Even though it's only been 4 yrs, I'm still trying to come to grips with my condition, trying to differentiate if my muscle pain is from MS or something else, if my joint pain is from MS or Arthritis, if my fatigue is stemming from MS or is it Anemia, etc.

One day at a time...

Thank you :0)

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