I Have MS, But MS Doesn't Have Me

Hi, I'm Trish... I'm new to this site, but not new to MS.

For years I had trouble with pain, insomnia, fatigue, balance, foot drop, muscle spasms and memory problems. I worked in the construction industry, and I loved my job. I am a mother of 3 children and a grandma now. I am one of those people who is tough and doesn't give up so easily.

She's here again...

Since 2009 I had problems that the doctors thought was my diabetes. I knew it wasn't and couldn't get them to listen to me. I had relapses and did not know it. Through occupational and physical therapy, blood work, and gosh knows what else the doctors put me through, I could hear the nurses say, "What's wrong with her now?" or, "She's here again..." They still said it was my diabetes. I was so upset and aggravated. Finally, after the worst relapse to that date - Nov 12, 2013 - I couldn't walk nor could I use my hands. After managing to get to my doctor, she ordered an MRI, and they finally saw what was wrong. I was diagnosed with RRMS.


When I was told the news, instead of crying or shock, I was relieved. I knew something was wrong and I could finally be treated. I was put on Tecfidera and the treatment began.

Finally on the right track

I try not to look on the downside of MS. After everything I went through and endured prior to the diagnosis, I felt I was finally on the right track to changing my life. I knew MS would definitely change it, but I continued on. After being diagnosed, my mother informed me that her mother had MS. And back then, they had very little to help with treatments.

MS doesn't control me

Now five years later, MRI shows no new lesions and some have shrunk. Could not ask for better. I do have trouble with neuropathy, muscle spasms and memory, but I take things one day at a time. I can walk without a cane and to look at me, you would never know I have MS. I work out to stay strong, to fight it better, and do as my doctor tells me. I feel that there are A LOT of people out there that have it A LOT worse than me. And I am grateful to know what is wrong, and I can take control of it. I refuse to let MS control me. This is my life, NOT MS life.

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