MS some thing we all need

Sure…we’ll get by with out friends

Yes they may reckon…
Just because I have MS or TM
That I’m through with looking
And I’m through with searching
That I’m not even gonna’ pray to the stars above
But I know a friend that cares can help cure us of this mess.

And there’s a reason that I feel this way
There’s no cute lady communicating with me today!

Hi –Hi—Bye—by…
No...I’m not that popular with any cute MS GALS
Local or in cyberspace –I think I do know why

Maybe I wrote too doggone much?
They may like profiles or short-n-sweet stories
So maybe I’ll keep It Simple Stupid! [kiss]
Without my honest poetic touch!

So why—why cry—cry?
Loneliness we hope it's just a passing thing...
hope it passes by....
But, sorry some of us stay in it's grip
till the day we do die...

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