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MS friends…is some thing we all need

Sure…we’ll get by with out friends

Yes they may reckon…
Just because I have MS or TM
That I’m through with looking
And I’m through with searching
That I’m not even gonna’ pray to the stars above
But I know a friend that cares can help cure us of this mess.

And there’s a reason that I feel this way
There’s no cute lady communicating with me today!

Hi –Hi—Bye—by…
No…I’m not that popular with any cute MS GALS
Local or in cyberspace –I think I do know why

Maybe I wrote too doggone much?
They may like profiles or short-n-sweet stories
So maybe I’ll keep It Simple Stupid! [kiss]
Without my honest poetic touch!

So why—why cry—cry?
Loneliness we hope it’s just a passing thing…
hope it passes by….
But, sorry some of us stay in it’s grip
till the day we do die…

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  • Newhon63
    2 years ago

    I do not worry about having someone special in my life. I have other medical issues other than MS. As if MS is not already enough. I divorced about 3 or 4 years ago and I think it is because of my MS. That and I was not going to be making the big bucks anymore so she left to get her claws into someone else’s wallet. No, I am not bitter. I just know how some women are. I would never expect anyone to start a relationship with me. I am on a fixed income and I am unable to work. but because of financial shortages I have to try to find a job I can do that is very simple, not physically demanding or overly mentally taxing either. So why would any woman want to get involved with me?

  • Ashley Ringstaff moderator
    2 years ago

    Thank you for sharing your input on this topic. I’m sorry to hear that your wife left, for being selfish, to be honest. You are not alone in that aspect. I, unfortunately, know a lot of people with Multiple Sclerosis that have divorced because their spouse could not handle the disease, or the affects due to the illness… disability, etc.

    There are people out there that are not selfish and will accept you for you are, and now what your income is.

    Best, Ashley R. – Moderator Team

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