The life we face with progressive MS

Before we get the MS diagnosis, we know something is wrong with our bodies but don’t have the answers so we face confusion and fear of the unknown.

Validation and a little relief

Then we get our diagnosis which validates how we have been feeling since it is often invisible to others. This provides a small amount of relief to us but doesn’t remove the fear of the unknown future.

Becoming a veteran

Then after a few years of episodes, medications (LOTS of medications), reactions to medications, insurance issues, financial issues, employment issues, intimacy issues, etc.

Now we believe that we are veterans of the MS world. Then, reality hits us as some functions are taken away from us and some major obstacles are thrown in our way.

The important things in life

The trick to successfully riding this challenging wave of unknown changes is to remember what is most important in life;

knowledge family
mental & physical toughness
belief in ourselves spirituality and of course, a sense of humor.

Ask for support

Remember, we’re not alone so ask/allow others for help when you need it. Push yourself to do what can - and push harder to accomplish what you don’t think you can. Take any resentment towards what you no longer have and push that aside.

Yesterday may have been great, but today and tomorrow are unwritten and can be even more amazing!

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