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MS, my little buddy

MS you are such a joker! You make me play the fool, but I will foil you from behind with a sharp poker. You do not scare me MS, you are uneducated and unread. I will teach you a few tricks if you follow closely.

My story is much the same as many many here. I have had this for a while, maybe ten years, but was diagnosed October 2014.

I'm 57 and started to have regular undiagnosed symptoms the beginning of last year. I had symptoms before, just not regular, things I could sweep under the carpet of life. Last year my balance started to decline, fatigue hit, (like a brick wall), my gait when walking developed issues. I went to my regular doctor of 10 years, and I went back, and I went back again and again over a period of 8 months, while I thought I was loosing my s%$!. Finally my brilliant loving wife said "honey, your doctor is full of s$#!! I want you to get another opinion. Being frustrated like I was lost on a freeway I jumped at her no nonsense approach. She had already made the appointment with someone highly recommended. Within days, I had the appointment, an honest assessment, and an appointment for an MRI, the day if the MRI I had a preliminary diagnosis. One minute it was the ton of bricks, but the next it was an answer I could comprehend. My job was stress city, I needed Calgon take me away. Thank you baby Jesus for compassionate employers. I made the decision almost immediately that my happiness was paramount to a career no matter what. That has made a world of difference. I am transitioning into a support role. Today I wake up early and happy, no more fatigue, just happy happy happy :-)

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I get sore and stiff and can't do stuff, but it's just stuff, when I need help, I ask. MS has also been a teacher. MS has taught me that each of us walks on this journey through life and carries our unspoken story with us, with MS or without. I understand now that I have no idea what someone else is going through, and I treat everyone with compassion, even the a$$$%^e that cuts me off in traffic almost killing us both. He doesn't even know what his issues are, so he needs my compassion. I am writing a book about what I am learning on the newest part of the trip through life.

We are all in this together, so let's enjoy the ride.

Boo Barksdale, Austin, Texas

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