MS Medicine and Cancer

I was taking Gilenya last year and it "allows me" to get Cancer. I am in remission now but now have another scary problem, my MS doctor does not feel comfortable having me on any MS medicine because of the cancer risk for me. So I get an MRI every 6 months and pray for no new activity, because then I will have the chose a medicine. And no I am not one of those people who want to NOT take any medicine I have heard all the positive stories from people but I am not willing to do that. Soooo what medicine would you chose to take in my shoes and why? I cannot take Tysabri or that new medicine that just came out because in the warnings if you took a certain Chemo drug it increases your risk to getting certain types of cancer to like 50%. And of course I took that Chemo Drug so any advice would be greatly appreciated because I know this decision is coming soon. Thanks in advance

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