MS: Money & Stress..before the ripe legal age to drink..

I'm nineteen and should be focusing on trying to scavange up money for college but am constantly being reminded on the news as well as television commercials that I should be getting health coverage..apparently it is really simple, though it's not like my family and I have spent the past 6 years trying to get any upon my diagnosis. Now the clock is ticking and I have until March 31st..before what? Will the rest of us who have struggled, been denied, and even hospitalized into more debt become criminals? Or will families lose even more money and sink into this bottomless pit created by the government?

I have some job opportunities, but still I'm just a teenager fresh out of high school. Say I take the fast food gig and earn roughly $10 an hour, working maybe less than 30 hours a week. Can Blue Cross Blue Shield help me then? NO. Now to my dream job. Photography. Work for my Uncle whenever he needs his company's website updated and with quality photos added. No idea as to how much he'll pay though. Still listening Blue Cross? DIDN'T THINK SO. Ok the last resort, open up shop by unloading boxes for a Dollar General. The pay could be good but the job calls for some heavy lifting apparently and how much of that can I take before it causes a flare up. DON'T EVEN LOOK AT ME DISABILITY PEOPLE, YOU DENIED ME MANY TIMES AND I WAS JUST A MERE CHILD. GROCERIES WERE A BARE MINIMUM, NO NEW SCHOOL CLOTHES FOR MY BROTHER AND I, SOME BILLS WEREN'T PAID BUT SURE I NEED TO BE WORSE OFF THAN I WAS?

I was just a child for God's sake and none of these health care providers helped me or my family out. Now it's just going to get worse.

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