MS is not my identity

In the ups and downs of life we are often on depressing paths especially if we are MS patients. In MS, or a Pandora box, I must call it, there is confusing patterns of living as if you are physically fine today, you may be emotionally down today or if in pink of health today, may be tomorrow is a blue day. You will always be willing to do a task or volunteer for a work but on the moment you are called upon the clutches of MS might have grabbed you. So, we see the changing pattern of MS gradually terms to be a part of our personality. We might be called as absent minded, clumsy chaps, sleeping beauty as we are often found lying in beds, drunken fellow etc. One should be clear on the fact that MS is not our identity. It should not be considered as our weakness, rather it's an illness like many other illnesses. In pre morbid conditions the way we were we still are after onset. Our traits might be adding new factors because of our health conditions and we are adapting to new environment our health providing us, but our personality is intact. We are now as we were before, as illness is a physical difficulty on us not our new psychological makeup. If we forget little things or mix up names and faces, or are energy drained every time, it's because of MS not because of our careless personality. The personality is build in years and it's so strong that a small thing like MS cannot frightened us.

Our identity is our nature, habits, hobbies, values and art, not our disease. I am what my approach to life is, its hope, courage and zest, MS is not my identity at least. It should not be yours too.

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