MS Saved My Life

I know it sounds crazy but MS did save me.

I was working in medical field as a radiology tech and endoscopy tech. My husband passed out and had fallen on me. I tried CPR until help arrived. I guess the shock of him passing out on me was too much for me. The day after, I noticed my left leg was hurting as I walked to the hospital to see him. I passed it off as from the night prior when he fell on me. We had a 12 year old son at the time. My husband passed away the following month. I continued to have the leg pain with walking. I would have to stop and rest it.

Move forward, after dealing with lots of issues with his family, I happened to fall out of bed and couldn't get up. I KNEW then that I had the monster and made an appointment with a wonderful MS specialist in NYC. He ordered an MRI and sure enough, MS lesions in the brain, none in C spine. BUT....there was an incidental finding of lung cancer, I had two lesions that were not known to me. I got a double whammy that day but was blessed to know so I could take care of it which I did thanks to my colleagues. Had the top of doctors at two major medical centers in NYC. I have been stable since then and no need for any help. I am on SSDI now which I am not happy with but, no choice. My memory is lousy and I can no longer do my math needed for radiation physics. Heck, I can't add 2 plus 2! All of this has been tough on my son, especially after losing his father, but he is trying his best to deal with it. He does have his moments but is getting better at understanding my symptoms.

Since then, I have been also diagnosed with breast cancer which was also treated. Now they are keeping an eye on my thyroid...having multiple biopsies but it's all good so far.

I am blessed to be in the right place at the right time and have no regrets. My son is now 19 and in his second year of college. I am doing my best and taking one day at a time.

Thank you for listening!

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