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I was diagnosed with MS at age 17. It was my high school graduation gift lol. I’ve had multiple sclerosis for 21 years. Stopped working in my late 20’s due to the MS. I’ve married and divorced and have two beautiful children Anjolina and Alexander.

Getting diagnosed with MS got me into bodybuilding and alot of tattoos lol. Not working sucks and social security isn’t enough to pay the bills. I deal with constant pain all day and I’m allergic to All man made pain medication.

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  • pamelajoy
    5 years ago

    Darrin– I can relate– I started having problems at 26 when I was on my face in pain for 3 months– I lost everything…. I wasn’t actually diagnosed til 45. struggle with pain all those years from injury…. I went natural and to food solutions… cut PROCESSED– SUGARS— transfats and frieds– BIG change in my pain scale. Fortunately I have been able to work all these years and preparing to start a second career at 50. Also used masotherapy to get through rough patches, not covered, but has kept me upright. I am wishing you the best, just wanted to share how much it matters what we don’t consume.

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